You can expect to Get Results. Period!! Your Personal Trainer is dedicated to helping support your personal fitness goals and we want to get you long term fitness and health results.

A personal trainer will work for anyone that makes the long term commitment to fitness and health, through our balanced approach to personal fitness training and a complete and healthy meal plan solution. Our fitness programs are designed to be effective for everyone, because they are tailored to meet your specific fitness and health goals.

We highly recommend that if you have never used a Personal Trainer before, then you should allow one of our trainers to complete a fitness assessment and determine the very best fitness program for you.

Fitness Results are different for everyone, depending on your own personal fitness goals, body composition, and level of commitment, but no matter where you are in your current fitness level, your personal trainer guarantees that you will Get Results as long as you Set Goals, Seek support from your Trainer, Stay on Track with your Personal Fitness Plan, and Re-evaluate your Fitness training on a regular basis. Many of our clients begin to see results in as little as 2-4 weeks and most of our clients can feel and see their body begin to change in 12 weeks as they Burn Fat and Build Muscle.

Yes. You can set up your profile to have your upcoming workouts and/or planned daily diet emailed to you automatically each morning.

Yes. You can work with your trainer to add your own exercises and specific foods you may need.

You should always consult your physician before starting any fitness program, whether it's online or one on one. Safety in fitness training is always our number one focus at Essential Movement. Make sure you provide your trainer with any previous injuries you may have had or other restrictions that your doctor has prescribed for you.

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