Regardless of your fitness needs, we have a program that would be right for you.
A trainer can come to you so you never have to leave the comfort of your own home or fight the crowds at the gym. Get a group of friends or co-workers together to lower the cost of your training.  Join one of our current group fitness classes or we can start one for your group or club.

Our services can be offered in three basic categories:

One-On-One Training

One trainer will be working with one individual either in their homes, work, or in our studio. Highest level of interaction, most attention from the trainer. All modalities of fitness can be used.

$60 — $120 per hour depending on location and trainer

Small Group Training

One trainer working with 2 to 6 individuals. Smaller groups can fit in the studio; larger would need appropriate space in their home or place of work. High level of interaction. All modalities can be used

$20 — $65 an hour depending on location and trainer

Group Fitness

One trainer with up to 20 individuals. Join a current class or start one by you! Limited interaction with the trainers, modalities limited to lighter weights, balls, bands, and yoga.

$8 — $20 an hour depending on location and trainer



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